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About us :

The Foundation:

Warba Medical Insurance Company, February 2004 is the First Kuwaiti Insurance Company specialized in providing the medical insurance for Citizens and Expatriates in Kuwait .Activities gradually increased and in March 2007, the Company completed its conversion procedures to become Warba Takaful Medical Insurance Company, which complied with the Islamic Provisions and satisfied a large demand of the Kuwaiti Society. The Company decided to work under the name Warba Takaful  Insurance Company providing insurance for medical, life, fire and general accident, motor, cargo (marine and aviation) in June 2008.

In July 2008, the company  establ ished itself as "Ritaj Takaful Insurance Company", a Kuwait Share Holding  Company Closed with a paid up capital of 10 Million KWD. This expansion coincides with the  Company’s being awarded the  ISO 9001:2000 Quality management Certificate as for the first insurance Comp any to be awarded  the  said certificate in the State of Kuwait. Such an award  indicates the Company’s observation of  promoting the level of performance to quick  and accurate completion of work to ens ure the customers’ satisfaction and confidence.Ritaj continues its sincere efforts in assuring its cus to mers the best services like always.

The Company’s Message :

Our specialized team, consisting of the most qualified experts in the insurance and    re-insurance  market, insurance consultants and trusted Shareia committee, is ever ready to provide their best services through studies which satisfy the market demands of Insurance schemes, medical and health services, life   &  non life insurance.The Company grants, re-ensures and also attains a counter guarantee for risks in all types of insurance covered by the Company.

The Paid up Capital:

After conversion, capital was raised to KD 10,000,000 (KD Ten Million) divided into 100,000,000 (One hundred Million) unit of shares, each share unit is valued at 100 fills.

The Board of Directors :

The Company’s management entrusted to a Board of Directors comprising seven members, appointed     by one or several entities who are entitled to delegate representatives on their behalf at the Board of Directors according to the percentage of the shares they own in the company. The members are elected by the General Assembly through ballot. 

The Board Members


Ø Abdullah Abdul Samad Marafi


Ø Osama Jawad Boukhamsen

Vice Chairman

Ø Saleh Al Tarrad

Board Member

Ø Sozan Abdulrahman

Board Member

Ø Abdullah Al Asousi

Board Member

Ø Fadi Al Khatib – CEO

Ø R.Ragupathy - Head of Operations & Distribution

Ø Yahya Obeid - Underwriting Manager

Ø Abdullah Malik - Claims Manager

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