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Motor Takaful


Motor Takaful is one of the most important classes of insurance commonly known among individuals.It covers private cars, goods carrying cars, taxis and buses etc.


 Types of Insurance 

 Third party liability
 Comprehensive insurance (owndamage)


 Third party liability:

This insurance policy is compulsory by law. It provides insurance for any amount that you as the owner of the motor vehicle maybe legally liable for in respect of: Death of or bodily injury to any person including all passengers in the vehicles (except you, your spouse or the driver). Property damage (except those owned by you or the driver at the time of accident or property that has been entrusted to you or is in your custody or control)


 Motor Comprehensive Takaful Policy :

This policy cover loss or damage to your vehicle by collision burglary or fire .


 Personal Accident Cover: 

All MCTP holders will have a free Personal Accident Cover. It is operative 24 hours a day in Kuwait, and is provided against accidental death or Permanent Total disability of the insured person both due to Car Accident.The company in case of Accidental Death or PTD both dueto car accident will pay a monthly indemnity amounting KD.300/- for a period of 36 months.


 Free Noor or Dana discount cards on purchase of the above policy

Policy holder will also choose his/her free card from the following discounts cards available exclusivelyat Ritaj Takaful Insurance Company:


 Dana Dental Discount Card.

Provides discounts up to 30 % at 14 dental clinics around Kuwait.


 Noor Maternity Discount Card.  

Provides discounts up to 20% at 14 hospital & medical centers around Kuwait.


 This policy is extended to : 

  Known or unknown accident
  No deductible
  No deprecation on spare parts

  Repair at dealers work shop
  Vehicle substitute cover
  Road side assistance

  Personal accident
  Waiver of company recourse


 Vehicle substitute cover 

Due to accident if the vehicle could not be repaired within (48) hours, the companywill provide a replacement car formaximum 15 days.


 Road side assistance 

The company will provide the customer with (24) hours road assist on the following cases:

Out of fuel
Jump starting your car battery

Towing service in case of break down

Help if your car

Flat tire replacement assistance



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