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The Monthly Income Benefit Plan


The Family Income Benefit Takaful Insurance Plan is the best protection you can have to ensure that your dependents will be taken care of financially in case of loss of life or total permanent disability of the earning member due to accidents.


Choose a monthly income from KD 100 to KD 1,000 which best suits your family needs and start your protection today.  This is available at a very reasonable annual contribution.


This 20 year guaranteed income will provide your family with the required security and prevent them from facing any financial difficulties!


Income Protection for 20 years


·        Up to 1,000 K.D. per month, for a total of 240,000 K.D.

·        Cost starting from only 66 fils per day.

·        Cash benefits paid directly to you and your family.

·        Monthly income guaranteed to be paid for 20 years.

·        24 hour protection around the world.


You are covered

·        At home

·        During travel

·        At work

·        And while practicing your favorite sport or hobby



We guarantee your income will always be there to provide for your loved ones.


You work hard to provide your family with the best lifestyle available and would want to make sure that your most important asset, your ability to work and earn an income, are well protected.


Accidents, being the second leading cause of loss of life in the world, could happen to anyone.


Ritaj Takaful Insurance Company has designed this unique Income Protection Plan, especially for you.


In case of disability, you will receive the income for 20 years, and in case of death your family will receive the income for 20 years, guaranteed.


You can be sure that your wife will be able to dedicate her valuable time to your children without needing to work or turn to relatives for support.


The Income Protection Plan is beneficial to you, even if you are financially well-off, so that in case of loss, your family will directly access the cash without having to wait for legal formalities which will normally give the priority to settling your business commitments and outstanding loans.


Your family depends on you to always provide for their welfare; so do not hesitate; apply for this valuable protection today.



Choose your Level of Cover




Monthly Income














Semi Annual






Monthly by credit card only
















§                     You can select the level of monthly income you need, provided it does not exceed your actual monthly income

§                     You can apply for yourself and your wife.

§                     If your wife is unemployed, then her Monthly Income Benefit should not exceed 25% of your benefit amount.

§                     Unemployed housewife can apply separately up to KD 150

§                     Employed wife can apply up to her actual income, not to exceed KD 1,000 per month.

§                     Entry age 18 to 64 years, renewable up to age 75 at special conditions.

§                     Police and Armed forces (excluding Air-Force and Navy) can apply up to KD 500 and coverage excludes while on duty and exercises /military maneuvers.

§                     If you require a different income other than listed just call us and we will provide you with related information.

§                     No occupational classification during the special offer period, one contribution applies to all; however, classes C & D may be subject to a monthly amount restriction.

§                     Benefits include dismemberment, loss of sight, hearing or speech, permanent total disability from doing the job you are reasonably qualified by education, training or experience, and loss of life resulting from accidents.

§                     Income is payable in addition to any other insurance you now have

§                     Worldwide protection, 24 hour at work, at home, at travel and even while your practicing your favorite sport or hobby

§                     Protection starts when the policy is issued.


Benefits under the Income Protection Plan in case of accidents resulting in:



100% of monthly income

Loss of sight or limbs

up to 100% of monthly income

Loss of hearing in both ears or speech

100% of monthly income

Permanent total disability

100% of monthly income

Your income is guaranteed to be paid for 240 months that is 20 years.


Ensure that your family’s lifestyle is safe guarded in case your income stops due to accidental death or permanent disability.


They will be able to continue with their normal life, handling daily living expenses and schooling, because you cared enough to take the right decision today.





Q. When will I be covered under the insurance?

A. You’ll be covered for accidents anytime, anywhere in the world, even while practicing your favorite sport or hobby.


Q. What is the maximum benefit I can buy?

A. You can You can select the level of monthly income you need, provided it does not exceed your actual monthly income, up to KD 1,000 per month.


Q. Can I include my wife even if she is unemployed?

A. Yes; you can apply for her up to 25% of your benefit income. She can also apply separately up to KD 150 per month. An employed wife can buy up to her actual monthly income as well, maximum KD 1,000.


Q. For how long will this monthly Income be paid?

A. The Monthly Income Benefit is guaranteed to be paid to your beneficiaries for 20 years in case of accidental death, or to be paid to you for 20 years in case of permanent disability.


Q. How much does it cost?

A. This depends on the monthly income level you select. Contribution starts from KD 2 per month if you pay by credit card.


Q. How can I apply?

A. Just complete the application form and the credit card authorization, or attach a cheque for the contribution, and send it to Ritaj in the attached envelope. Better yet, call your Ritaj Representative or call us on 1 83 00 33



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